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  1. On Tuesday January 19, 2010, 2:35 pm EST

    NEW YORK (AP) -- United States Steel Corp. shares climbed Tuesday as an analyst upgraded the stock, citing an improved outlook for the steel industry.

    Shares of the company rose $3.03, or 4.9 percent, to $65.07 in afternoon trading.

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    Then on Tuesday, January 26th it crashed and burned.
  3. they pay those guys good money to make pix like that

    talking an almost 20% haircut in a week on a big cap that should hold few surprises
  4. buy the dips. It's "cheap" now
  5. gobar


    H&S pattern on X so buy for $2 bucks and sell it

    this pig gonna go back to 30's
  6. Thinking about taking a bounce trade here on X
  7. if you want to go long X here.. might as well jump into YM, CL, GQ, E7, ES.. goodluck
  8. up 5% one day, down 5% the next .....this thing is so easy to make money on...
  9. short X today
  10. Anyone looking to short this retrace on daily? I am.
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