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  1. ed_berk


    Does anyone know where I can demo the x-trader platform? I have seen numerous flash presentations and pictures, but I would like to try the software.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. dmcw

    dmcw Global Futures

    Hi Ed.

    We offer a free X-Trader demo. You can give me a call or email and I'll get it set up for you.
  3. Jaime


    Im not sure where you can get the demo software, but it is a great platform. I've been using it for 4 months now and I love it.
  4. I use the downloadable TT Demo software at my home office to try new trading trading strategies and write API. It has X_TRADER with a simulated trading market. You can get it for free from their website. I think you can get this from some FCMs and prop shops too.

  5. Does anybody know a demo trading platform with real time quotes???

  6. dmcw

    dmcw Global Futures

    We offer free live demos of several platforms, including X_Trader. They all have real-time quotes.

    I invite you to contact me and let me know what specific markets you're interested in and we'll try to figure out which one is going to suit you best.

    Best regards,
  7. that is great thanks but for your company I am not earning enough so i may not open an account.......... :confused:
  8. dmcw

    dmcw Global Futures

    I don't mind if you want to try a demo anyway. Maybe down the road it's something you'll want to get into and then you check back with me.

    I won't pressure you to open an account. Most futures traders lose money. Becuase of the tremendous leverage futures offer, they aren't suitable for all investors. You should only use risk capital to trade.

    These are some of the standard disclosures I try to cover with anyone who's new or not sure about trading futures; and they are all accurate statements.

    Feel free to give me a call and I'll try to help you out with any questions.

    Best regards,