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  1. Anyone who knows the X-Trader (from Velocityfutures)?
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  3. X_Trader is from Trading Technologies. Are you asking about X_Trader, or Velocity Futures which offers X_Trader as a platform? I have used X, but not Velocity Futures.
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    KeyWest Velocity Futures

  5. very informative thanks.
  6. Thank you very much.
  7. You needed to be set up on a VPN, most cable and dsl services only offer dynamic IP's and you would need a static in order to set up a VPN
  8. According to GHCO, one does not need a static IP to use their VPN and X_TRADER. I had a dynamic IP for my DSL connection to X_TRADER which, BTW, was very stable.
  9. That is great and yes according to GHCO you can be set up w/o a VPN but the troubles listed in the prior e-mail have come up for some of my clients in the past running on a dynamic IP.
  10. I have no doubt that Speedracer and some of your clients experienced problems running on a dynamic IP, and that is a real shame if they were promised otherwise.
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