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  1. Hi All,

    I am looking for a reliable futures trade execution platform.

    I have charting with Ninja/zenfire. But I am considering to separate "trade execution" from charting. Been considering X-trader with velocityfutures for ES/NQ. Heard velocity has a commission structure which waives monthly X-trader fees,without any volume requirements.

    Anyone familiar with X-trader/velocity can you please comment. I appreciate it.

    Anyone know how reliable X-trader execution platform is and how fast is it when compared with Ninja/zenfire execution.

  2. cosmic


    yes velocity offers XTrader without platform fee or vol requirements on a flat fee, I think its 5.73 RT for the ES currently.

    The TT feed is pretty stable & consistent, you also integrate it into a multibroker license of NT if you wish to do so.

    other solution you can check for a backup:

  3. bigb


    I have been using X-trader with Velocity Futures for years now and I highly recommend both. Never a problem with either and their customer service at Velocity is highly attentive. Plus, if you get your volume up, you can easily switch over to the platform fee but with a $2 price break on the rt.

    Also, you can use ninja with Velocity if you decide not to use X-trader but I personally recommend X-trader over ninja.
  4. What is the breakeven monthly volume to make the switch feasible ?
  5. Thanks cosmic and bigb for the reply. I appreciate it.

    Do you know how fast the TT datafeed and the fills for X-trader is, when compared to Ninja/zenfire?

    Cosmic,when you say the TT feed (which comes with X-trader) can be integrated into Ninja multibroker, you mean one also has an option of using Ninja charttrader to place orders on the TTfeed velocity brokerage account?

    Also, who is the clearing firm for velocity and how are their historical trade reporting (like can one customise trade reports for last 1 week or 2 months to get different statistics)?

    Also, do you use X-trader for only "trade execution" purposes or do you also use the X-trader charting? Is the charting package included with X-trader execution by default or is there an extra cost to it.
    In your opinion, how is X-trader charting in general( or when compared to Ninja). Is it reliable and doesn't hangup on realtime volume spikes or software updates?

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  7. Can you trade multiple markets on X_Trader without paying the montly fee with velocity?

    Also does anyone know anything about TT_Trader? It looks like a per use version of X_Trader. I can't find anyone who offers it except alaron and etrade.

    Lastly, how is TT's charting software?