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  1. I am curious ... are there any daytrader scalper types

    out there who might have had experience with both

    systems over time?

    the watcher ( lightspeed was I think a version of it used
    by tradescape now Etrade Pro)

    I am thinking that the ability to watch momentum
    of orderflow is similar both systems windows

    and can be an edge in this type of trading
  2. I've used both. Nothing can substitute for the physical movement of price as presented in X_TRADER - it is not just figures but distance, which only reinforces the pleasure or pain. On the other hand, the clockwise or anticlockwise movement of the Level II inside bid is not exclusive to the Watcher. But as you say, there are similarities between the two representations.
  3. if I remember correctly could give you

    a great feeling for momentum ,

    (the slowing down of the bids , offers )

    in the middle of the screen not just level II

    what is the cheapest X trader Broker?

    can you look at more than 2-3 markets using it
  4. Yes, you can access more than one market simultaneously with X_TRADER. As for the cheapest broker, this would depend on your volume. I'm with AF and pay $3.30 per RT for the minis, regardless of volume, in addition to the monthly $650 platform fee. This was offered to all EliteTraders in November.
  5. Hi SethArb,

    Could you please give us a URL for 'THE WATCHER'.

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