X-Trader vs. CQG Trading

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    Hi All,

    Currently I use X_Trader of TT trading ES but CQG also offers trading via there system. Which system is faster and reliabler regarding order execution and easy use (I love the MD_Trader of TT)?

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    TT is best. All the pros use it, including myself.
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    The fact that you are even asking this is silly. CQG's system is very basic at best and extremely shakey when volatile.
  4. He's right, but it's also expensive as hell. Depending on your clearing firm the cost is typically 1,000-2,000 per month for TT software in addition to execution fees. CQG is considerably cheaper at $25 a month and 20 cents a side, or $350 a month for unlimited trades (last I knew that was the fee schedule anyway). I won't argue that CQG is superior, but it is good and is a less costly platform than TT. It is relatively new, so they have had some kinks to work out over the past year, but things seem to be improving with each updated version and I have very few complaints about CQG Trader at this point in time.
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  6. What account minimums and cost of charting ?
  7. Hi FT79,

    Another option for you may be eSignal's trading interface to TT, which includes access to eSignal's decision support tools, like Advanced Charts, alerts, etc., and add-on tools, such as Advanced GET Studies, scanners, etc..
    email trading@quote.com for more information, or view several brief videos outlining some of the functionality.
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  8. eSignal was so unreliable that I canceled my account. CQG Trader's DOM does get bogged down sometimes in a very fast market, but it happens rarely and I have never had any problems with order execution even when this has happened. Not familiar with account minimums for CQG, but the FCM may impose some and you would need to open an account with an FCM that supports the platform.

    As for CQG charting, that is separate and is about 600 a month plus exchange fees. It is leaps and bounds better than eSignal, that I will say with certainty.
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    One of the best way to trade is combination of NinjaTrader with zen-fire, if you decide that x_trader costs too much for you.

    You can also open account at Velocity futures and have X_trader for free, you will pay higher commissions. But these higher commissions are still very competitive.
  10. Any idea what they charge per side all-in?
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