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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tallpaw, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Good afternoon everybody (EST) . Waiting for the FED decision. I am currently using X-Trader as my trading platform and have a question? When you login to X-Trader there are numerous tabs at the top of the of the TT Exchange login box. For instance on the CME there are tabs for .... CME, CME-A, CME-F, CME-G, CME-C. Does anyone know why this is? Does X-Trader (or broker)assign traders that trade more contracts to different tabs (connections) that are faster or more secure? Just curious. Thanx. Have a great day everbody !!
  2. When your broker or FCM gave you the credentials to login will assign your account to one of those CME gateways; that's all. You will trade only (all of your trades) with CME-A or B, or C.. etc. about CME instruments and so on for other exchanges. Essentially...do not care.
  3. Why don't you ring their support team up and ask, they are a friendly bunch of people, I am sure they will offer a good reason. :)