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    Greetings to everyone,

    Want to ask X-Trader users with single exchange subscriptions (where you have access to all exchanges but can be logged into one exchange at a time).

    I am trying demo right now so I dont know how it is with real accounts.

    I am interested in how multiple opened positions for different exchanges are displayed.

    Lets say, for example, that you're holding opened ES position and want to open a position in ZN without closing ES position. You switch from CME to CBOT in order to do that.
    Once you've switched, will your current ES position be displayed in your 'order book' and in 'TT fill' windows? That is, will your opened CME position be displayed in platform windows if you're logged into CBOT?


    there are new plain windows for every exchange. That is, if you switch from CME to CBOT, your opened CME position will not be displayed and the only way to monitor it is to switch back to CME.

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  3. Exactly, even if you can open different Order Book windows to filter trades.

    This is a good question to be placed here:
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    yes they should, but looks data providers and brokers have not yet made the change to new pricing packages because the exchanges themselves are not done with it yet...
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    Hi Bernard,
    done that, it's here


    lets see what they say.

    I also asked the broker who provided me with the demo. They said that once you switch you are not able to monitor your position on the previous exchange (not very good).

    Anyway, lets see what TT guys will say...

    (very surprised that no one from ET did reply with an answer. There must be some people here who switch exchanges. )