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Discussion in 'Events' started by GoodTrades, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. If you wanted to try X-Trader out but don't want to pay $500 to give it a test drive, here's your chance.

    Elite trader members can get a month free on the X-trader simulator with Velocity Futures.

    PM me if you are interested and I'll get one of guys to set you up.
  2. Your web site looks interesting, but I can't seem to find your commissions for ZN and ZB (a/c/e). Maybe I'm just not seeing the forest for the trees.
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    Interesting that Velocity Futures is a FCM and clears its own trades, and not a IB like a lot of other firms that advertise here on ET.

    For a System trader like myself X-trader is an overkill, do you offer any other trading platforms? What about automated trading?
  4. Thanks waggie.

    Looks very reasonable indeed.
  5. we only offer X-trader. Our focus is on high volume active traders, CTA's and Hedge funds.

    If you would like a list of some brokers that that have good rates and offer a variety of platforms I'll be more then happy to share with you what I know.

    I have no interests in promoting any firm I recommend. Just trying to help out fellow traders.
  6. I have been using the X-Trader simulator and I must admit it is VERY cool and super FAST!

  7. TT really is an awesome trading platform. If you have never used it give our simulator a try. PM me and I'll get you set up.
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    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    For the record.....

    Advanced Futures clears their trades thru Goldenberg, Hehemeyer
    & Co.
    GHCO has more traders on the X_Trader than any firm in the Industry.

    Advanced Futures also offers a month free trial on the X_Trader

    Happy Thanksgiving