X-Trader question on stop loss and take profit functionality

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by RedDuke, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. RedDuke


    I took a look at x-trader and found it to be very good. It has tons of functionality, but I could not find one very basic feature and documentation has nothing on it as well.

    I currently use NinjaTrader and when I enter an order, I have a predefined number of ticks for stop loss and take profits which are enabled the moment the trade goes through. However, I can not figure out how to do it in x-trader. I looked at all options at market depth window and everywhere else with no success. Can someone answer if something like this is available. X-trader has so many bells and whistles, and I sure this functionality should be there, but I can figure out on how to do it.

  2. Learner


    You need X-Trader pro + OCO trader plugin to do it.
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  4. RedDuke


    Thanks a lot guys, I did not realize I needed plug ins for that. I am very impressed by the platform.