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    For the past few weeks I've had a helluva time getting Guardian started. After I click "start Guardian", many times I've gotten an error msg. that "Guardian cannot connect to the remote network, etc. etc." I've rebooted numerous times, stopped and restarted Guardian, and sometimes Guardian connects just fine, many times not. Meanwhile, I can connect to the internet thru my browser just fine.

    Also, whenever I DO get Guardian connected, logging into X-Trader has been an add'l problem. After I start X-Trader and login, the main X-Trader toolbar just disappears. This doesn't happen every time, but it happens. After login I've seen Xtrader show up as "not responding" in the Windows Task Manager.

    I've changed routers, rebooted the cable modem, perfomed a clean install of the OS last week (W2K Pro), you name it. I thought the fresh install fixed my problems but tonight I cannot get Guardian started.

    Has anyone had any similar problems?

    I have a nearly identical computer which connects to the internet via BellSouth DSl with no problems at all. I've been trading on the problematic computer with X-Trader for 2+ years without a problem until now.

    Ideas/suggestions? I'm pulling my hair out.
  2. Richard Kontra

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    If you are having issues with a demo, and you have to place a post here on elite trader, then I can only assume that you are not getting any service from your broker?
    Why don't you contact us, I can get you demo right away, if you are having problems Global Futures will provide you immediate Technical Service, we built our company on service, and now everyone is trying to emulate what we do!
    My Number 877-367-3177
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    Hi Chisel,

    I talked to our Tech Support to see if they could offer any help to you based on what you've posted, but they tell me it's difficult to diagnose without actually talking to you on the phone. I recommend you call your current broker and see if they can help you or give us a call. We'll try to help and try to earn your business as well. If you call, try to get hold of either Chadd or Dan. They would be the most helpful for X_Trader issues.

    Best Regards,

    Doug M
  4. Anyone experienced slow refreshes on the MD ladder during the Bernanke behind the JEC news release at 10:00 AM EST?

    I had heavy delays on eCBOT ZB vs. CQG. for the first 10 minutes :(
    I'm with Global Futures on GHCO servers.
  5. Truff


    I think there was a E-CBOT prob this am
  6. Is there any eCBOT bulletin about this presumed issue?
  7. If there was a problem at eCBOt why my CQG datafeed was behind of the time & sales and when I placed orders on bid/ask they has been actually filled instantaneously at the mkt?...

    In fact I had to use the CQG trying to figure out where the mkt was really pricing during those minutes.
  8. dmcw

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    Information is still coming in regarding the issue. CME experienced price feed issues as well. We just recieved notice that the CME has resolved their price feed issues.

    Don't know about eCBOT yet.
  9. Anyone knows more about the eCBOT?! :confused:
  10. eCBOT reply:

    >>Please contact our Market Operations department at 312-347-4600, they will open up a ticket, please have your ITM (key) and all contact information ready as well as your e-cbot user ID.>>

    I have no ITM and e-cbot user ID to contact them...
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