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    It’s all here in one premium package. The power of X_TRADER. The innovation of TT Autospreader. And access to the world’s leading futures exchanges. Leaving you well-equipped to do what you do best -- trade first.
    The Ultimate Futures Front-End

    Loaded with advanced trading strategy support, supremely reliable and reflex-fast, X_TRADER is the front-end of choice for professional derivatives traders, brokers and market makers. The unsurpassed leader in speed and reliability, X_TRADER enables you to trade via the web or any remote connection.

    Introducing the TT Autospreader

    It just might change the way you trade.

    Create and trade multiple spreads simultaneously with the TT Autospreader in your trading arsenal. This automated order management tool easily defines and manages spreads, working the legs automatically to match your desired spread price. Supports market orders, limit orders, calendar and interproduct spreads.

    Global Market Access Out of the Box

    X_TRADER Pro users automatically get access to the world's leading futures exchanges: CBOT, Eurex, CME, LIFFE, NQLX and more. Because today's professional trader works more than one floor at a time.

    Advanced Trading Strategy Support

    Autospreader automatically trades intermarket and intramarket spreads
    Supports market orders, limit orders, multiple contract orders, calendar spreads, interproduct spreads
    Supports specialized order contingencies such as GTC, FOK, IOC, Stops and more
    Easy to define and manage spreads
    Fast As You Think
    High Powered Autospreader automatically trades intermarket and intramarket spreads
    MD TRADER -- vertical market depth display allows immediate reaction to market ebb and flow
    Excel and analytics links
    View working orders, fills and market depth from a single window
    Single-click trade execution
    High-speed connection to multiple markets, including Eurex, LIFFE, CME, CBOT, Euronext, Island, Xetra and more
    Real-time fill and position details with easy access, dynamic audit trail
    Access multiple exchanges simultaneously
    Average price highlighting: traders know at a glance whether open positions are profitable relative to market conditions
    Market maker functionality enables users to make two-sided markets on any tradable instrument

    For more information: www.tradingtechnologies.com

  2. Brutus


    Anybody here use Advanced Futures as your broker? How are they? Presently I am using Interactive Brokers but it looks like Advanced futures might have more bells and whistles.

  3. Does that auto spread thing do stocks. Seems like everyone I know uses Excel and DDE mumbo jumbo. (which I'm trying to learn) :)

    Also will do nasdaq stocks or just nyse (assuming it does stocks). Oh and would I have to open an account, or can I lease the program.

  4. bone

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    I use the TT software, but their autospreader product leaves alot to be desired, and is WAY, WAY overpriced. GL and Eccoware have better spreading software that is more flexible, executes more legs, and at a much more reasonable price point. And this is coming from a trader that has used TT for four years.
  5. and what brokers give access to GLTRADE and / or Ecco ???
  6. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    What a strange question, George. You must be having a temporary bout of amnesia. Remember, George, like the Quantum Fund, we directly clear a giant international bank - just like Quantum. We do not use a broker. We interface directly with the exchange. Our statements come from the bank.

    Anybody with a broker will have to ask their broker if they support a particular brand of software.

    But not us, George.
  7. Very funny and non instructive message.

    Thanks Bone for your free advertisement...
  8. cartm


    I thought TT software was new, didnt know it was around that long, do u use mkt depth or the order book to enter trades, just wondering.
  9. Bryan Roberts

    Bryan Roberts Guest

    so does anyone know of a spread program for stocks????
  10. H2O


    Check out www.2hedge.com

    It's a friend of me who runs the site and the software is develloped (and still improved every while) by a South - African Economitrist

    I work with the program and I love it although I cannot wait for the moment it works with RT quotes...
    #10     Jul 11, 2002