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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TraDaToR, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Is it possible when running automated systems( on server side I guess )with X trader pro to cancel all pending orders when you lose connection at your office? What other platforms permit this?

  2. As you know, stop limit order functionality exists natively on the exchange to limit exposure to an adverse move. Apart from that, X_Trader Pro order management logic runs on the Client side, and therefore is unable to cancel working orders during a connectivity outage.

    As a practical matter, you would need to phone your FCM's Execution Desk to flatten your position and cancel working orders. The CME GCC can also cancel working orders but they can't flatten your existing position. Good to have these numbers on speed dial on land line, cell phone, and satellite phone.
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    Thanks.I already have those numbers just in front of me. I was just wondering if some platforms are permitting it. For some types of systems, the time to phone is really too much.
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    I guess the easiest option here is to rent a computer in a datacenter across the road from the exchange (or, even better, in the exchange building) and access it via Remote Desktop or the like.
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    Thanks Lee. I can rent a server with my broker, but I was just asking in case there was an easier platform solution .