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  1. I'm looking for a good Futures DOM type trading platform with excellent order entry/execution etc. Can anyone recommend others CQG trader etc and their benefits

    Ideally I'd like a volume at price histogram display as well as a graphical volume bar display of the bid/ Ask sizes (CQG trader has the later only I believe)

    I was looking at X-trader, image attached. I have a question on the volume histogram display, does that show only the current days volume traded at that price? Also how useful have you found the volume histogram in your trading?
  2. Here is the trade station Matrix DOM. Does the TS volume histogram display only show the current days volume traded at that price ? Someone stated in a chat that it showed past days volume at price as well.

    It does have a shaded display showing the most recent traded volume at price in a lighter color, which is very intersting.

    But I hear many complaints about Tradstation.
  3. Here is the Ninja Trader Super dom. No Volume at price histogram right? or Bid/Ask graphical display

    Static price display where the inside market dynamically climbs up and down the price ladder with changes to the bid, ask and last price
    Highly visual and intelligent order and position display
    Flexible display options such as number of price rows and color parameters
    Auto centering
    Consolidated order display
    Pre-defined quick entry buttons
    Bracketed orders on entry
  4. CQG trader - No volume at price histogram display
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    Button Trader is very, very great. It also has a histogram. You can only use it with Interactive Brokers.
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    BT is customizable with many built in strategies.
  7. I use the volume at price indicator on xtrader all the time. the dom only holds vap for that session. to see older vap, look at vap on xstudy, their charting platform. vap on xstudy recalculates for the vap of all bars shown on the screen at that time.
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    You can get the volume histogram in CQG IC. The current day's histogram can be set to accumulate volume for the current session or from the beginning of the day. if you need history you can get it off CQG Charts (including Market Profile with excellent Volume profile info).
    And the interface is the same as CQGTrader.