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    There is a way to get X-trader DOM into excel via RTD (real time data) as explained on TT website.

    Is there a way to modify the way the data looks in Excel? One of the traders suggested to look at DOM from graphical point of view. That is to present all available bid and ask volumes as bars, this way it might be a bit easier to identify turning points.

  2. thats' pretty simple to do...just link your RTD cells to a simple excel chart.
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    Do you mean, if I go through chart wizard and link cells, the graph bars will automatically be changing real time as volumes at different levels increase and decrease?

  4. Yep. I've been using this a a visual aid for some time. You can throw together a basic vol. chart in a just a few minutes.
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    This is one great integration. Thanks a lot.
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    Covered Call,

    If X-Trader Pro a must in order to enable it? I just went through documentation and that it what I saw.

  7. That I don't know. I have X_TRADER Pro. You may wish to take this up with your FCM or contrct TT. I've pulled some good info from their users forum...maybe post there?

    If you need help putting something together, let me know. I'm curious to see what you're doing. I've put together simple GUI for a few bank and FCM trade desks so I may have some ideas for you.
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    I want to achieve something similar like this. It can help to identify points when market changes direction. If you have time, we can skype to discuss this in more details. What time zone are you in. I am in New York, but I trade Europe open, so I am up very early (2:30am).
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    How's this going for you?
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    I can not use this feature unfortunately. TT told me that I need pro version to enable it. I cost about $1,200 per month. I do not do the volume yet to justify this cost. Would love to know if ther is any other way of doing it.

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