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    Which brokers (with X-Trader) do you recommend?
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    Hello, i can help you with any questions you may have.
  3. with all due respect, when someone asks for obviously independent recommendations, that is not an avenue for marketing.

    I have respect for Velocity, but you need to know the difference between "wants information" and "wants someone to recommend themselves and hope to sign me up..."

    After all, how can you give an objective analysis to the OP???

    If you want to add value, why don't you start an informative thread with value-add about experiences and uses with X-trader, even from a velocity user point of view???
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    x trade is very over rated imo.

    they used to sell on speed, but with so many black boxes out there, no pc software will ever get a look in. this is why tt are giving up in the professional market, and now focusing on retail traders - on the coat tails of their old 'reputation' when they were ahead of the curve

    as for the auto spreader, cqg i hear has something better
  5. Has CQG come out with an auto spreader yet? I've tried their CQG Trader via the CQG IC, but didn't think they had an auto spread feature just yet.
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    I have many happy clients using X-Trader. You should also give a look at Turbo Trader 2 if you are looking for a fast execution platform without any platform fees.

    Devin Brady
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    Yes, CQG is in a process of rolling out the Auto Spreader product. The main difference between it and other UI based spreader solutions is that its spreading engine is located next to the exchange, so you don't have a penalty of latency for data to get to your client. This also means you can spread any exchange CQG offers (CME, Liffe, Eurex and ICE) no matter where you are in the world and still be one of the first in queue.
    The product does not have all of the bells and wistles yet, but its speed is impressive.
  8. I AGREE 100% TT has been behind the times for a long time. However they do what they do very well, but that's all they do. TT has been so stupid - I created a dual sub server for TradeStation and had to deal with them - It was like a circus. I had to hire a consultant because all their fix protocols are butchered up.

    I gave up thank god when tradevec came out and it allowed me to focus what i do best which is trade and not develop my own software. Now I'm happily auto trading and not pulling my hair out.


    ps what i HATE about CQG is that they will only allow Brian Bell to code custom stuff into their platform and so you must pay big and hand your stuff off to X employee turned consultant Brian Bell. No thanks CQG your have been the most stupid of all.
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    Mark, I am afraid you have pretty outdated information. CQG has opened up interface a while ago to allow both data extraction from CQG (via CQG API) and to allow people to code up their proprietary studies or conditions into CQG using high level language of their choice. So what Brian used to do is now available to anyone who has an idea with decent programming experience. And quite a few people are using this opportunity to program, use and some even sell their studies, conditions or trading systems.
  10. i would be amazed if this was the case - for years they claimed anyone could program with their platform - yet what they were talking about was stupid stuff like alerts and changing the length of a moving average etc. to offer a real api would well get me some smelling sauce! cause i just passed out lol

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