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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by chessman, Aug 6, 2003.

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    Wondering if anyone is familiar with X-Trader Pro's autospreader product? What has been your experience?


    Does anyone know if J-trader has a autospreader type product i.e it will keep track of a spread if the spread reaches lets say 340 it will automatically send orders to exit both legs, much like a limit order.

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    Have you seen the video of a presentation by a transmarket trader on the tt website? very informative.
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    Do any of the third party programs for Interactive Brokers tws do autospreading?
  4. Chessman,

    PM me and I can give you a contact name and number we use at Trading Technology (TT) in Chicago. he can get these questions answered directly and I have his direct line. Most of our larger futures traders use TT, but they are mostly not in the office I work in (San Francisco) so I am not familiar with this platform. I have used J-Trader (I liked it) but I do not remember any "auto-spreader" functionality in it? But I was strictly a simple e-mini directional trader too, not playing the spreads.

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