X-Trader: Any experience?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Jana, Sep 17, 2003.

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    Do you have any experience with it?
  2. maybe the best platform. costs between 500 and 1500 USD / month, depends on broker.

    what do you want to know ?
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  4. now with JTRADER offering the PIG or price injector gun it is a fine platform. and you cant beat the price !


  5. KeyWest

    KeyWest Velocity Futures

    it is premier platform for Futures Trading and execution, the market maker is unbelievable.

    Goto Velocityfutures or REal Futures for a demo
  6. Hi,
    I understand you can get the x-trader API software without charge upon registering. Is it correct you have to pay a server setup charge of about $1500 in order to get online to the test your system. Am I wrong on this?

    I had a rather good impression looking at their software manual. If I remember correctly they used to have some kind of user forum but I can't find it back on the web. Not many participants though. Compared to IB, I have many unanswered questions on x-trader. I would like to start on it because of lower commission rates at participating brokers. With IB, you have easy access to their demo and can get going right away with the API.

    Once you start trading for real, you pay a monthly fee. Do you pay this to your broker or to TT? Some brokers seem to omit this fee if your volume is high enough.

    Thank you for any help on this.
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    Ask bone.
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    Very, very good platform. Superb functionality, very flexible and allows for many different features and nuances to suit the individual. Will accomodate several exchanges simultaneously. Good technical support. Speed to burn when used with dedicated price order and fill servers, gateway, and T-1 line. AutoSpreader function works well too, but will do only two legs. Can be expensive. Best when used with other TT traders in an office so that some economies of scale can be realized. Sales Execs can be pompous... but hey, they have one hell of a product.
  9. the range in charges for x-trader varies not by broker or firm (unless they up charge you), but by the number of markets viewable at one time. If you have two markets, it's around 950, just one 650. With x-trader pro, you get four markets, the auto-spreader and auto-trader. the pro version costs 1450. Some firms will pick up the cost. . . . .if you do *lots* of r/t's.

    for the professional futures trader, it's hand's down the best platform out there.

    for the more "retail" sort of person, TT is coming out with a "lite" version in the next couple of months. Supposedly it will be just as fast, but without as much of the functionality.
  10. Daxman,

    Thanks for your info on charges. The news on the upcoming "lite" version sounds interesting.

    Do you have information on the cost, if any, of setting up a demo only system for test purposes? Does TT have a server installation fee for such a test system?

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