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  1. Grant


    Can anyone recommend a charting prog compatible with X-Trader (X-Study does not provide what I'm looking for)?

    MultiCharts seems pretty good but it is not listed as supported by X-Study/Trading Technologies.

    I've also looked at SmartQuant's OpenQuant which is pretty impressive but this depends on TT's Fix Adapter. Is Fix Adapter expensive?

    At a guess, a dde may be a solution for both. Is this possible via X-Study?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  2. squeeze


    Which markets are you planning to trade?
  3. Hi,

    you don't need to have TT FIX Adapter to trade with TT FIX brokers. OpenQuant has a built in FIX engine (QuickFIX) that will talk to your broker's TT FIX Adapter.

    I suggest you contact your broker, get a test FIX account and then try to run OpenQuant with TT FIX.

  4. Grant,

    I use CQG and I am very happy with it. CQG is extremely reliable and has a lot of functionality and good friendly customer service. The only drawback is that it is cost is a little high compared to most charting software, but you are getting what you pay for.
  5. Grant



    Looking to trade only Eurex (bund) at the moment but will look at US fixed interest futures in due course,


    Sent broker e-mail today as you suggested. He’s going to speak to the IT guys tomorrow.


    I agree CQG is excellent but I believe TT’s front-end is superior. It would be ideal to have both but not viable at the moment. It is expensive but as you say, you get what you pay for.

    But cost has to be put into perspective; CQG costs the equivalent of 2.4 ticks on the bund per day. I reckon that’s cheap. How will retail systems hold up in a fast market? I reckon you could lose CQG’s monthly cost (c $1000) due to missed data. You’d be hard pushed to put a price on stability and reliability.

  6. HSC.1775


    Can you be more specific about how X-study does not meet your needs?

    Regarding the TT Fix adapter, cost depends upon your broker. It can be expensive.

    CQG has always been the best when it comes to charting and data.
  7. Grant,

    I agree with you on those points. I use TT for front end and CQG for data. It is funny how TT order entry is so good but thier charting lacks and CQG's charting is so good but thier order entry lacks. (but is getting better)I guess it is just the division of labour.....lol

    Are you looking to use the data for some sort of automation or spread sheet? For spread sheets you could just use TT's RTD links which are faster and more reliable then ole/dde links.
  8. HSC.1775


    Completely agree with your above comments on X-Trader and CQG. Also, you are correct about X-Trader's extensive RTD library. It is very extensive and easy to use.
  9. squeeze


    For Eurex, it depends where you are trading from. If from the US then you could try Velocity, they offer the TT-Fix adapter at 10c on a rt or $2000/mo flat rate.

    If you are in the Europe then trading via a US broker is going to give you a big latency disadvantage. You could try Marex or MF Global.

    Generally, the brokers install a TTGateway. The FIX adapter runs locally and connects to the brokers TTGateway via a proprietary API. Once you have the adapter you can connect to it with a standard FIX engine such as QuickFIX.
  10. Grant



    X-Study cannot represent tick charts over various durations (10-tick, 25-tick, 50, 100, etc) in a bar chart format. This is what I use to trade (scalp).

    I won’t dispute your point re CQG. I’ve only been running it (trial) a couple of days. The only difficulty I’m having is with the Order-entry. I need to get hold of support re this problem. And I must say there support is brilliant. On Thursday a guy from technical took over my pc remotely and spent around an hour giving me a hands-on guided tour of the basics. Most places you’re lucky if you get reply to an e-mail within 7 days.

    Regardless of the CQG’s charting facility, I just need the tick charts as above for the moment. Therefore, if this can be addressed through a cheaper (but well regarded prog, eg OpenQuant), the it has to be better.


    After spending Christ knows how long writing prog’s in Excel/VBA, TT’s RTD library sounds pretty compelling. It isn’t my priority but may find a place later.


    Re the Fix Adapter, also see Anton’s comments above.

    I’m in the UK (Manchester), trading remotely via a vpn through a broker/FCM in London. The rates are Euro 0.39 per side on up to 10,000 lots per month. TT is £650/$1200 per month. Total cost breakeven per day is 33 ticks on the bund. Marex’s rates are higher than this and MF’s are the highest I’ve seen.

    Just to clarify your final paragraph. I know the broker installs a TT gateway.

    When you say the Fix runs locally, do you mean it runs from my pc or from TT’s servers?
    Who runs API - is it TT, the broker or myself?
    With the TT Fix Adapter I can connect to QuickFix. But Anton says above, I don’t need the Adapter to connect to OpenQuant/Quick fix.

    What tangled webs we weave.

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