X-study offered with X-trader automatically ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by puretruth, May 22, 2009.

  1. Do most brokers offer X-study with their X-trader ?
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  3. If a broker promotes X-Trader, in all likihood they offer X-Study as well as the assorted other add-on's the are available for X-Trader.

    You do realize that a simple email or call to any brokerage you have in mind would answer your question in full, right?

    Or you could simply go to the X-Trader website and contact them directly.

    ... sincerely hope this helps.
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    X_Study is included with X_Trader Pro - but the broker has to support it as well, thus it's broker specific as well.
  5. Velocity futures does
  6. andy4


    Hi ,
    great to hear Velocity futures does offer X-study, do you use it ?

    I was looking at going with Velocity but with the TT feed and Ninja, have any of you used that option ? Or should I use X- trader with X study, ? I'm a scalper not a lot but about 500 to 750 RT's a month.

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    We're currently offering X_TRADER version 7.6.2.

    Since the release of 7.6, X_STUDY is no longer a separate download and is now included within X_TRADER.

    If anyone would like to try a demo please let me know.

    Best regards,
  8. Does that mean that every broker that offers X-trader 7.6 has X-study ?
  9. Dale Box

    Dale Box Velocity Futures

    great question...

    I wouldn't say that meant every broker offered it since they'd need the servers and licensing required for X_STUDY to function. I'm sure most of the firms offering 7.6 would have X_STUDY available.
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    Is it still the same that XP windows will run X trader but not Vista ?
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