X Div Dates

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mskl, Oct 21, 2002.

  1. mskl


    Does anyone know a good reliable up to date source for X - Div dates?

    Many quote providers are not too reliable (TAL, PC Quote, Quote.com). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Check out http://www.companyboardroom.com
    Yahoo finance isn't bad either.

    For important divs (i.e. those that I expect to collect or avoid paying!) I always comfirm the date on the company's own website.
  3. mskl



    thanks. I usually end up going to each company's website to confirm as well.
  4. lescor


    Market tracker from Yahoo finance makes it easy to check the ex dates on a list of stocks. $10/mo
  5. Funster


    I have it as one of the columns in my stock watch