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  1. Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with modding their x-box, and backing up their games (you know, in case something happens to the original). :D

    Please PM me if you'd be willing to help me out. I just need to know a bit about the basics, as the forums I've found so far on the net are pretty cryptic and it's unclear to me if it actually works yet.

    Thanks in adv,
  2. have fun..i've seen pictures on the internet of a modified xbox and it was bascially something only a rocket scientist/brain surgeon could do.
  3. William


    Sheesh, everyone and either brother plays video games. I thought they were just for the kiddies. Once I had a thirty year old guy ask me if I played games... I had to take a step back.
  4. i'm 24 and i know them all...starting with space invaders for the atari 2600 when i was like 5...i think i peaked with super nintendo though. the last games i really liked a lot were command & conquer: red alert 2, yuri's revenge..and medal of honor: allied assault for the pc.
  5. Madden Football.
  6. Rigel


    I've been playing them since I discovered Pong in a local tavern in 1972.
  7. LelandC


    You like Madden better than NFL 2K3? Just picked that one up for the XBOX. Very nice game. I haven't played NFL Fever 2003 yet......

  8. what? you didn't even progress to Playstation/N64? (gaming bliss comapred to Genesis/Super Nintendo) :)
  9. Bob111


    keep searching, i saw it on some website, but i did not remember
    url. i try to put mode chip in ps1, man......it impossible. thanks to my friend, who work for panasonic-he make it.
    even if you find a chip,don't try to put it in, unless, you now, how to fix a video camera.)))) on websites they say it easy as 1,2,3-it not.
  10. actually, i did. i still have my n64 and i have playstation 2 also. i was just saying that super nintendo was probably my favorite video game era.
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