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  1. POSK


    will be bankrupt in 3 years.

    Cant compete with Bellagio and Venetian now.

    Will not be able to compete with 2 new multi billion dollar resorts in the future.
  2. Dustin


    Have you been there? It's nicer than either of those imo.
  3. POSK


    it was equally nice, but empty as hell.

    i was there two weeks ago.
  4. Do you have evidence or proof beyond the statements you made above?

    I looked over their b.sheet a while back when i was trading within the sector and did notice a bit of chicanery. Downward price pressure has good volume and turnover on this last run. Thanks for mentioning it b/c there is a setup here. :)
  5. xbrxx


    I was there a month ago and it was pretty damn busy to me thoughout the day. Maybe you came at a bad time?

    I'm not sure if you had the chance to stay in their rooms, but in terms of quality, I suggest you stay in one of their rooms before you compare it. They are more luxurious, stylish, elegant, than the Bellagio or Venetian. The only place that has similar quality is TheHotel @ Mandalay Bay.

    What you need to understand is that The Wynn focuses on the "paying customer" not the mom and pop from downtown taking a visit. So no breathtaking freebie fountains like the B. If you want a good view of Wynn's lake, better fork up some dollars and get a couple drinks at the bar, or better yet, 100 bucks(each) dinner at SW steakhouse.

  6. POSK


    i got a cab within 30 secs on saturday night
  7. Cab drivers usually hang around the places that give good tips. Did you give him an extra $20?

  8. i was there in june. pretty packed. looks very nice... i am looking forward to be there again in 2 weeks. just to stair at the waitresses. it's like hooters on steroid
  9. jrlvnv


    I work there as a dealer. Well I can say that sometimes on a Tuesday or Wednesday we might be slow during the day but every night it is slammed. Going broke HAHAHA. That is a big laugh. We get plenty of action and our rooms are over average over 90% full 7 days a week. Why not ask a Bellagio dealer what they think of the business Wynn took from them. Don't think you will get a nice expression from them. We have the best shows.... Avenue Q is hilarious, best restaurants and the best dealers in the city to go along with the most beautiful cocktail servers in any casino. The only thing that will be bankrupt is the OP if he still visits Las Vegas. Stop being a hater and just give compliments where its due. The place if the most beautiful casino in the world and all you can say is that it go bankrupt? I would love to hear why you think that is anyway. Provide numbers next time you want to blab you mouth about a company instead of your opinion.
  10. How are the hookers at Wynn's casino?
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