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  1. Your first post and you get steamrolled. You wynn!
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  2. You might want to use that post to apply for a hedge fund internship. They pay good $$$$ for reliable contra indicators . Why give it away for free here?
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    Oh hush up Soes... I said it needs to find a base in the next several sessions. Re-read my post.
    The bottoms not in until I say it is. Now pipe down and go bitch about the crypto's. :D
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  4. lol. u r funny. it is a june spread. I mite close on my short leg or widen it...ever manage ur trades?
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  5. Ouch! It would have been way worse if I went straight calls, I bought back, the outer $200 for $1.35. It may take a few trades now to get profitable. Could be worse I could be short COST, BA, and CAT.jk hahaha Crazy to think a sex scandal knocks out 20% of a companies value. Change it to Synn Resorts and that way all that debauchery is in the name!lol
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  6. Said another way, a sex scandal wiped out only two weeks of gains (so far). This thing is still up for the year. And remember this is a company with a CEO / Founder who is well liked for his business prowess and has not laid out succession plans. Mix in he's brushed this off as a disgruntled soon-to-be-ex wife's bidding (who is also a substantial shareholder)--a point that's irreconcilable with the WSJ having interviewed 150 employees. A smoke and mirrors defense may as well be an admission in my book. So I'd hazard a guess the news is going to get worse before it gets better.

    He's already resigned from the RNC--if this one starts to snowball, he'll have a tough time holding off pressure to resign from WYNN.

    My short position says $140 is in play during the next two weeks when we challenge the MA200. If we get there, I'll roll some profits into a long-term put position.
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    This thing flat-lined all day at $165 ish.
    Pretty obvious a million shorts jumped in at that level, especially with the Dow down 400.
    Hence the move we're looking at now. Squeezing the juice out of all those shorts.
    Late day suckers trap.
    Shorts are HODL'ing.
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  9. @SoesWasBetter - traded my short leg twice - bought it back at $7.60. sold it again at $8.9 - bought i back at $7.20 and have sold it again at $9.1 -- bringing down the cost of my spread to around $1.4
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