WYNN to be added to S&P 500

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by MrktObserver4u, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. ASH deleted as of 11/13 close

    I guess gambling is part of the economy now :D
  2. Too funny. They can't even find 500 decent companies for the S&P anymore.
  3. funny that was one of my favorite short sells.
  4. now that we're no longer a manufacturing or even a service economy, maybe we can be a gambling/gay marriage economy

    yeah, that's a foundation for a thriving society

    what's the p/e of the company that makes vasoline? might be time to buy


    The Vaseline® journey started in 1859, when a 22 year-old chemist from Brooklyn, New York named Robert A. Chesebrough, went to Pennsylvania to investigate an oil well. The oil industry was in its infancy, and Chesebrough, like many, was hoping to profit from it.

    While Chesebrough was there, he discovered a gooey substance known as 'Rod Wax' that was causing the oil rig workers problems, as it stuck to the drilling rigs, causing them to seize up.

    Chesebrough noticed that oil workers would smear their skin with the residue from their drills, as it appeared to aid the healing of cuts and burns. His curiosity led him to take some Rod Wax home with him and start experimenting with it. After months of testing, he managed to successfully extract usable petroleum jelly.

    hey dude, got any 'Rod Wax'?