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    There are those who think they are studying the market, when all they are doing is studying what someone has said about the market, not what the market has said about itself.

    --Richard Wyckoff
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  2. Studying Wyckoff changed my trading forever and for the better.
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    Issue 526 of Modern Trader pages 72-75 there is an article on a couple of Wyckoff techniques...
  4. Good to hear. I am interested in Wyckoff himself, does the man show any signs of success or any industry pedigree? I never heard of him off of this site. thanks Hampton
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    He is a legendary trader from early 1900s....
  6. Like a wd gann kind of legend?
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  8. Took a look at his wiki page. Looks like a journalist/publisher rather than a real trader or money manager. Not to mention the guy is ancient. Heck he wrote about the markets back when they used ledgers and chalkboards.

    Why are folks so attracted to ancient writings of a publisher/journalist? Doesn't it make more sense to study proven modern day traders?
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    The first hedge fund manager in the World, Alfred Winslow Jones was also a financial journalist. What one reading Wyckoff or whomever is trying to pick a nugget of information deemed valuable and make it yours. Though trading has become more efficient, basic principles are the same...
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  10. Glad to find that I'm not the only one in the world who realizes this!!
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