Wyckoff Trading Method

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  1. I follow this youtube channel about wyckoff : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzdnvMNNeBSRRh1KWuJ_BUQ

    I see that topic looks interesting and I am eager to learn more about it.

    They homepage offer training for the trading method : www.wyckoffanalytics.com/

    I don't know how much exactly it cost for all courses but if someone already have this course, I would like to buy it from him at a discount.

    Please PM if you have this course and willing to give a good deal.
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    Don't spend money on generic stuff ... Spend money on someone helping you trade the method instead.
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  3. first , where can I find this guy ?
    The channel that I posted provide frequent trades using the Wyckoff techniques.
    so it will be interesting to get the material and study it and follow their videos !
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    Not trying to talk you out of it .. by any means get it.

    Anyone can cherry pick a couple of charts that fit their method, but few can trade day in and day out with controlled risk and money management. I subscribed to Dave's service for a year or so. Highly recommend as learning experience for a swing trader.
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  5. There was an ET member, dbphonix, who was a psuedo-vendor (and a trader) of Wyckoff. Not sure if he is still around and/or what alias he uses nowadays.

    I've attached some Wyckoff materials I have.... I'm pretty sure the SLA pdf was a freebie from DBPhoenix.

    Brings me back to my days of study of VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) which I ran with and is incorporated in pieces into my trading.

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  6. Many thanks.
  7. i sent u pm
  8. The best place to start with Wyckoff analysis is Bruce Fraser's blog on stockcharts, lot of free material..
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