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  2. Nic,
    I remember when you first started this group, and at that time, you said something like, this group is for those who are studying the SMI course.
    At the time I took that to mean that, without the SMI course in my hands, my questions / comments on that board would not be appropriate.

    Was I mistaken?

    Do I need the coarse in my hands for reference, to be welcome to participate?

    Where do you stand on this point, considering your seemingly open invitation?

    Thanks sulong
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    As long as the comments and questions are in the spirit of Wyckoff we should be fine. My main concern is not to upset SMI. They have been very generous allowing me to post their material at no cost. BTW, I'm going to announce a group discount for some of their material next week for board members.

  4. What is the website for Wyckoff-SMI ? and how
    i can get myself fimilier with the methods?

    I signed up at yahoo group, but nothing on documentation,
    all very confusing how to get started
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    Unfortunately they don't have a web site. The course has been taught since the 1930's and they keep a very low profile. I've tried to address your question on Yahoo.

  6. nic,

    I suggest that you share some of the material as posts here on Elite.

    It's otherwise not appropriate to solicit the elite community for commercially available material.