Wyckoff - Different Markets easier to read?

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    The Wyckoff books by aren't really that good. The SMI Wyckoff course (written by Wyckoff and appended over the years by his successors at SMI) is superb, but expensive. A great intro and condensed version of pure Wyckoff can be found in this inexpensive book:


    The middle section, written by David Weis, is practically a bar-by-bar Wyckoff-style pv analysis of the bond market. Weis also posts on the Yahoo Wyckoff board, along w/other experienced traders of the method. The files section also has lots of good info:


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    Any other websites that provide reading material on Wyckoff?

    Would also be interested in some kind examples of bar-by-bar analysis.

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  3. www.hankpruden.com/articles

    thats all you´ll ever need
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    I must say that I often hear people saying "that's all you'll ever need" about this and that... :)
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    Do a search for the "Price and Volume" threads by dbphoenix in the Journals section. May be just what you're looking for. Great stuff. Also, in the Files section of the Yahoo Wyckoff group linked earlier, see the Weis folder.

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    No need to buy Wyckoff's book . There's actually a free copy on the internet somewhere out there if you can find it. Am at my new computer now so link is not with me anymore.

    Also thanks for the link on handpruden

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