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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Composite, Nov 19, 2018.

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    Why would anyone pay money to be given information that is already freely available? Wyckoff resources and information is so abundant you could busy yourself for months learning the method without having to cough up a single cent to one of those con courses.
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    If something is of value , it never gets shared for free . Why would anyone profitable in trading would want to share inner workings of his business for free ? They're either seeking attention or have an ulterior motive of someday monetizing all . Penny wise pound foolish .

    You're wrong in your estimation - it's not a task of months , but of years - wyckoff materials are that vast & rich . Most can't afford years to learn one skill , courses are for someone who wants to shave off some years from their steep learning curve . Also , original wyckoff materials can be too subjective at times - these courses chip away most of the subjectivity from applying .
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    It doesn't take years. It takes common sense to understand the Wyckoff methodology. It really is not as complicated as you are trying to make it sound. Its a distraction technique because you have no confidence in your trading.

    Anyone selling this will purposely populate the chart with lofty names for every little bump and swing, attempting to explain at every turn what the market is doing. Its laughable and people fall for it.
    Anyone attempting to "shave off some years from the steep learning curve" is taking shortcuts and that is just delaying the inevitable because at some stage you will have to take your lashes like everyone else.

    Interpreting Wyckoff has to be subjective because the market is always slightly different from one moment to the next so you will never be able to achieve pure objectivity when looking for distribution /accumulation phases.
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    What's more, is there a shred of evidence to suggest Wyckoff beats buy-and-hold over the long term? Of course this assumes it can be understood objectively and traded with black-and-white rules. Since Wyckoff has been around for many decades, someone must have a nice, long forward test....right?
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    I would say then - you're probably not solely a student of wyckoff school - most probably you're trying many trading schools at once , if you were you would know it certainly take years . Understanding something isn't enough , one has to acquaint himself with each little subtlety & practice a lot to be able to put his understanding to action .

    Also , common sense is quite an uncommon thing . Not many can sustain years long subjectivity of wyckoff .