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  1. I own this domain name. I bought it off of the EXPIRED DOMAIN NAMES list that I subscribe to. I bought it since it was a great name and all the other traderconnect.net.org.us etc were all taken.

    It is a great name for a future company or a forum for traders. Can someone fairly knowledgeable in Domain Names give me a good appraisal on it.


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    There isn't an answer to that, it's only as good as the best offer you get. Now, if this were 1996, it would be a different story. Just think how so many people registered particular domain names in anticipation that the big businesses who could use those names would come on their knees offering untold riches in payment for those names, but what happened when the boom busted? These companies created their own, albeit not as good, domain names on their own for $8 and the owners of the better named domains are still looking to monetize their sites. Wish it were other news to tell you, I too co-own a pretty neat domain name that happens to be an ongoing business, but would sell it in a second for the right offer. The last time I heard of a sucess story was a few years ago, met a couple that were approached out of the blue by a company seeking to acquire their domain name and gave them half a million for it. Complete surprise to them, it just happened that the offbeat name they came up with was perfect for that company, it turns out. Have another acquaintance who is waiting for marijuana to be legalized so he can sell it on his site, also appropriately named, and only then would it be worth millions, maybe.
  3. "it's only as good as the best offer you get"

    Thanks man. I guess it all depends on who is looking for the name and how much are you willing to let go off of it.
  4. put it on ebay and see what happens.
  5. Contact those with the traderconnect.org and traderconnect.us and etc to see if they want the .com name....chances are they would.....

    Michael B.

    Question....if I transfer to another website provider do I end up on an expired list....even though I registered my domain at the new place?

    Michael B.

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    traderconnect.us is still 4sale