www.secretsoftraders.com good bad?

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    Lewis Borsellino is one of the big local traders in the S&P. I believe he as been there for twenty some years.
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  2. k. thanks. glad to know it's legit.
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    I did their trial thingy about a year ago. Basically, they emailed each day how they "picked 'em yesterday" using "pivot levels known to the floor traders...".

    Didn't strike me as anything but balloon juice, but I could be wrong.
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  4. The service I used called him Big Italy, I had heard of him but had never heard him referred to as that.
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  5. :D

    I'll have to see if I hear that one.

    Hey, did you hear the floor booing the other day? I think it was Wednesday in the afternoon, 1-2 ish. I wondered what that was about.

    I did sign up, because I wanted to read something on his site, and I didn't think I could access without being 'registered.' As it turns out, I couldn't access it anyway.
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  6. No, I haven't used it in a while.
    It's especially useful when you hear Merill or Goldie are buying. The plunger team is in.
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  7. I've just watched the Larry Levin video on his site... oh boy, add a fake audience who applaude on cues, and you'll get a nice infomercial!
    Order now and we'll throw in a set of kitchen knives !!! Operators are standing by!!! :D

    Cheerss!! :p
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  8. A trading Ginsu? Popiel's Pocket Trader?
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  10. Don't give them your phone # if you register. They will eventually
    call and act po'd that you have been receiving their free email
    and haven't handed over the cash yet... :mad:

    I think they are a bunch of gangsters out of Chicago...

    Oops. I shouldn't of said that. Now they will be out to get me...

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