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  2. Yes, it is GOD via the internet. It will transport your machine through a time warp into the future where you can know other traders' thoughts before they even know their own.

    Just kidding, never used it. Keep us posted, buddy.
  3. is that it is good , but some of key indicators I want to follow intraday

    like $TICK ... do not come up on it ....

    also ... I think they stopped charting after hours trades

    that is another reason why I stopped using it

    but there were alot of good things I remember such as

    comparing 2 stocks or 1 stock vs 1 index intraday that was cool

  4. QuoteTracker L.P. licenses their product to several different companies (Teach Me to Trade, Investrio) so its quite possible that its a customized version of QT.