WWW.PAYPALSUCKS.COM?! do you agree ?

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  1. What is your opinion ?
  2. Of course....why : It's now an EBAY company....and they stink too...especially for a monopoly.

    (see Ebay's stock price for confirmation)
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    Well, I think that Ebay should drop their final value fees for those sellers who are paid via Paypal. Ebay owns Paypal. SO Ebay is getting paid twice for the same transaction.

  4. I hate waiting for the money to transfer from PP to your bank account. Brokerage accounts can do ACH in one day but pay pal takes 3-4.
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    Haven't sold anything via E-bay, but did purchase and got screwed by the seller. E-bay/Paypal at least made good on a part of my loss, so I can't complain too much. The process took over 2 months which seemed excessive, but got something out of it at least. I also have used Paypal for various other purchases and again the only time I had a problem was with some idiot who I canceled an order with. I called Paypal, spoke to an American, and got an answer right away to my question as well as a resolution to my problem with the situation.
  6. I have never had one issue with PayPal in 6 years. I have done thousands of dollars in transactions, and transferred money to and from other accounts.
  7. I live in Canada and just purchased a camera from someone else in Canada. I had to buy it in US$ which Ebay then converted to CDN$ to charge to my credit card. Ebay always charges a poor exchange rate, usually about 3% more than the going rate. What should have been about $290 Cdn, they charged me $300.58 Cdn. I'm sure they do the same thing with the seller charging him an extra 3% to pay him in Cdn $. So they make an easy 6% on that transaction on top of the sales commission.
  8. What is a good alternative for paypal to get credit card payments as a seller ? (easy acceptance,good fees)
  9. There is none. I always add to my S&H to cover Ebay and PayPal fees.
  10. I for one love PayPal, they're very good.
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