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  1. I have received a few PMs about this site that I mentioned in another thread.

    Originally, I joined www.meetup.com about 2 weeks ago to meet more women. However, when I went to my first meetup group I found that there were more guys then women unfortunately.

    The guys, however, were in their 30s-40s and each seemed very accomplished. By the end of the night, I had a stack of business cards with different NYC investment firms in my hand. This is something that I would have NEVER accomplished otherwise. No way would I ever meet an executive over at JPMorgan or American Express otherwise.

    Right now, Im looking for a certain type of employment situation. I have sent out resumes for the last two years and tried different creative avenues. There are these entry-level jobs for financial consultants that I could probably get, but thats not what I really want.

    Im thinking this will be the best way for someone like myself to find the situation that I seek. Develop contacts, make friends and find the ideal situation.
  2. Have you tried the toe suckers?:D
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    Did you take him with you?
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  5. When you dont live in Manhattan and you know someone who lives in Manhattan, then you get familiar with the couch. A lot of the fancier Manhattan apartments have guest quarters while all the others have the couch.

    Thats why I dont live in Manhattan because then you have all these people breathing down your neck to stay over each weekend. No one wants to visit you in Queens.

    I like to party in Manhattan and trashing out someone else's place, but then I like to go home on the weekdays to escape the Manhattan.

    Thats another reason to have friends in Manhattan because you can crash over their place and leave the cleanup for them behind.

    Another factor is that if you get caught driving drunk in NYC then they take your car. The city will then own your vehicle as well as you spending time on Rikers Island and the entire legal process.
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    May I ask which group you joined?

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  8. Alternatively, you could just not drive drunk.
  9. This is a strange thread....very!
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