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  1. My top level domain ibinarytrade.com is for sale. Bidding starts at $5000.00 thanks!
  2. Lol. Top level meaning exactly what? Second level domain rapeYourArseFor5k.us also for sale?

  3. Man, you are one jealous gonzo hate viber. Give it a rest.
  4. EPrado


    Can I get a cell phone the size of a microwave oven with it ? Then maybe I'm interested.

    Sorry....I couldn't resist. Did you ever sell that thing ? You gotta admit. That thing was hilarious.
  5. Yes, sold it for $1800.00. They are quite popular in moscow and hollywood.

    Here's another one in neon green-- a gift from a saudi investor.

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  6. Sig


    What's your EBITDA on the site? Hard to value it without knowing what it brings in. Doing a backlink search (link: "ibinarytrade.com") shows no real backlinks, and it doesn't show up in organic search for any binary type search terms, so it would be surprising if it had the revenue to support north of a $5K purchase price unless you had some specific reason why the name would be valuable to you more than anyone else.
  7. EPrado


    Hollywood. Makes total sense. Those type of people seem to enjoy those things.
  8. Yes. Ari Gold types. LOL!!!
  9. I really have no idea. Im not in that business. Just thought it was a cool name so i bought it.

  10. EPrado


    Is a nice gift Surf........if it was given to you in 1986.

    But might come of good use to you in Florida. Take it with you if you need to go outside during a hurricane. Zero chance of you getting blown away with that anchor in your grasp.
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