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  2. I skimmed the book he wrote a few weeks ago. You can't really daytrade with any of it but he does make some interesting points.

    Seemed like from what I read that it would work best on midcap stocks or maybe stocks in the Russell 2000 as well.
  3. Float analysis is the abc fundation. My model is sort of float analysis but it is quantified to the extreme compared to other float analysis so that it is suitable for daytrading. In fact it is best for daytrading than trading on upper scale since it is more complex to avoid the noise of the lower scales.

    I have even made a link to this site from my own with this picture

    <IMG SRC=http://www.floatanalysis.com/graphs/wpe6.gif>

  4. Subscribed to it for about 3 month.

    Never really got any use out of it beside a NXTL play... that's 1 in 3 months.

    No longer a subscriber but do find his work interesting.

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    I do not know much about "float analysis," but it seems to me that the one time it would be useful is on stocks that are CREAMED on a given day.

  6. i just started a subscription, a month ago, and used credit spreads on very small lots using his picks. i went 3 for 4 on his calls, and am happy with the service thus far. it's very cheap at $15 a month. basically, you play breakouts and breakdowns out of tight consolidations (for the most part anyway)