www.elitetrader.com is worth...

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  2. That acually seems pretty fair
  3. not much for all this whatever it is
  4. pricetrdr


    according to this site

    CIA web site is worth


    LOL they should sell it and convert it to EURO :p
  5. That's not very accurate. I entered my site and it values it at $90.00, but Google Adsense brings in about $250.00 a year. I think that the true value of ET is over $2,000,000.
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    Are you kidding me??

    With all the traffic and ads Baron could easily sell this for 2mil+. And thats certainly a very conservative valuation. I'd pay 2mil for this site in an instant.

    5mil+ would not be out of the question for the right strategic buyer. And I would not be shocked if I was an order of magnitude off.
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    looks like its based on what the site earns or potentialy earns.
    of course, if sold, there will be goodwill based on this sites brand.
    but its not 1999, so how much someone actualy pays...
  8. yeah but all the old posts and threads just create static in the centre of the sites experience

    elite traders are trading in the here and now and dont want to wade through thousands of old old posts

    old news is no news...............they have to just dump everything posted before mid 07 ...all in all

    when your green your growing and when your ripe you rot g
  9. I'm afraid to ask where you pulled that number out of.
  10. But some posts are timeless and good for education.

    Like the GOOG thread about the OTM options moving ITM by a nickel on last day of trading and screwing the trader out of $10,000. And the current thread about Interactive Brokers and the $52,000 screw up.
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