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  1. Anybody tell about their experiences
    with them ?
  2. I dont know anything about this company, but words like "Easy", are a big red flag to run as far as way as you can. NOTHING about trading is easy. Any vendor that's trying to tell you that it is, is full of shit.

    Think about it. If this program made money in forex easily, why go through the hassell of developing a website, trying to sell people on your "System", etc. Just doesn't add up. They would just trade the system and have all the money in the world.
  3. It is a BROKER !
  4. I thought the "chat and trade online" feature would be a chat room type service. Sorry for my mistake.
  5. Anybody ?
  6. Nobody ?
  7. Anybody ?
  8. Im guessing if they did, they'd be too embarrased to say so here, probably why you've no replies.
    On the one hand, id say the low cap small end of retail is somewhat neglected in terms of product, its also true there's no money in it for providers to offer effective low cap trading vehicles.
    Its bloody tough, because nothing in the low end of the pool offers anything much in the way of quality platforms and the like.

    Lets face it, the presumption that micro-low cap traders have no idea and will wipe out in a sparrowfart's of a millisecond is dominant here, and everywhere else re; trading opinions generally.

    Thats like saying stephen hawking is too "crippled" to be smart, much less a physicist.
  9. Joab


    Don't see why they wouldn't be legit but I bet the spreads are going to be brutal in slow markets and I wouldn't place any hard stops for them to see.

    If you give it a go let us know how it works out.
  10. Nicktan


    I m an account holder with easy-forex.com which is based in Australia.

    They are a mini-forex broker basically in day trading of major currencies & gold/silver. They used to have futures on forex but the service was discountinued later.

    The only thing i like about them was i can fund my account using a credit card. The other stuff in the website looks ordinary & other forex sites have better features.

    What the problem bro?

    Nick tan
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