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  1. Anybody experience with these fellows ?
  2. Xenia


    Be careful with DC. I heard that they may bust all your profitable trades at the end of the month.
  3. Anybody else ?
  4. there must be guys with them..
  5. james_r



    they have low spreads but the price you see is not what you get.

    Also their 'Take profit' and Stops do not always work.

    So I don't recommend them

    but try their Demo.
  6. You are probably talking about the regular account (minimum
    25000$) and indeed I have heard they even bust winning trades since they are taking the other side of the trade but I
    am interested in the interbank account(minimum 50000$)
    where they are a real broker and give access to the real
    interbank market.
  7. QS2000



    is not regulated, 0% !
    only one postbox in Switzerland (?)
    curious fills !
    software updates in the daytime (platform for hours down) !
    antiscalping rules

    etc ..


    foreign-language support (all member of staff are speaking russian and ukrainian - some just broken english or german) :D
  8. Not regulated ?

    Regulated by ARIF, Switzerland
    Regulatory Environment
    Dukascopy (Suisse) SA, as a Swiss financial institution based in Geneva, Switzerland, is subject to Swiss law and all applicable regulations (regulated by ARIF).

    A postbox ?

    Dukascopy (Suisse) SA
    ICC, Route de Pré-Bois 20
    1215 Geneva 15

    I told I wanted to visit them, no problem they said(about 40
    people working overthere)

    Curious Fills ?

    I am not talking about the regular account .

    Antiscalping rules ?

    Maybe for their regular account.

    I am interested in their interbank account on which they have
    20 banks and 60 hedge funds.

    Here is what I found on www.archive.org (good tool for
    some detective work)


    The founder A. Duka together with Ilya Prigogine, nobelprize

    I talked with Nicolas overthere in English with a french accent.

    Are we talking about the same company ?
  9. QS2000


    Maybe. Only 300$/month :D

    Route de Pré-Bois 20,
    1215 Geneva 15

    = WTC (World Trade Center II Geneva)

    "Dukascopy (Suisse) SA is a Swiss Online Broker for FOREX and CFDs established in the Swiss city of Geneva, a key world financial centre. The company headquarters is located in the prestigious business center of Geneva – World Trade Center" (orig. Dukascopy)



    ;) ... maybe ..
  10. QS2000


    ".. all applicable regulations" :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    = Willful misrepresentation !

    For money laundering purposes (ONLY!!) you can be registered with ARIF, but nothing else (trading business, your money etc.) is regulated or sure.

    --> http://www.arif.ch/Interface Anglais/FAQ_AN.htm

    Contact ARIF ( info@arif.ch ) or info@ebk.admin.ch (Swiss Federal Banking Commission SFBC) for more info about dukascopy :mad:
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