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  1. Looking for some more info on this site. Anyone?

  2. Forgot to mention that I would be interested in finding someone to take the couse with me. They allow 2 people to attend for the same price of one. Current price is 2750 so it would be 1375 each. This price is good till the end of the month when they increase their price to 4590.

    here is the qoute from their website


    Beginning September 1, 2006, the 2-Day Intensive Seminar will become a two day seminar teaching only the Covered Call technique. This will allow us to teach the new techniques JFC, SSR and CPR on day two of the seminar. The 2-Day Intensive Seminar will no longer contain any instruction on our LEAPS technique. The LEAPS technique will be taught in a seperate 1-Day LEAPS Seminar.

    The price of the 2-Day Intensive Seminar on Covered Calls will be $2,995

    The price of the 1-Day LEAPS Seminar will be $1,495

    Any existing clients, or any new clients who sign up to attend a seminar by August 31, 2006 will be "grandfathered in" and be able to attend both the 2-Day Intensive Covered Call and 1-Day LEAPS Seminars as many times as they wish for no additional charge.

    It will be a prerequisite for new clients who sign up after August 31, 2006 to have taken the 2-Day Intensive Covered Call Seminar before they are eligable to attend the 1-Day LEAPS Seminar.

    If you want to sign up before the price increases and be eligable to attend both new seminars at the current price of $2,750, you need to sign up by August 31, 2006.


    If interested just message me at redislk at yahoo dot com OR just do it here.
  3. best spam ever, just make the name of the spam as the thread title

  4. Sorry caddy but I'm for real. I'm seriously looking for someone to take the coarse with me. Also looking for some people that have already taken it to comment if it was good or not.

  5. You cannot escape these jerks.
  6. These guys are questionable IMO. Last year at this time they had started a CSE fund with $40,000 and were going to build it to several million in a few years so everyone could see what they were doing was legit and that it worked. Well, after 5 months they quit reporting about it and will not even answer e-mails about it if you ask them.

    Write to them and ask for yourself, maybe they will answer a potential attendee of their over-priced seminars.

    They also had an auto-trade deal going, but I think that failed as I don't see anything else about it on the website. Not sure of that, tho.

    Good luck-

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  9. GTS


    If its spam its the best case of a "sleeper cell" that I've ever seen.

    Look at booker007's registration date, over 4 years ago.
  10. Gts,


    I have been a prop trader since 2000. I have never done any Option Trades and am trying to learn something new.
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