www.cbfx.com 20 MILLION ONLINE ?!

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  1. Is this the forex division of Commerce Bank ?

    What are your experiences with them ?

    They are the only one that allow up to 20 miilion online to be
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    No, IB will execute 20 and much more.
  4. 20 million at EACH moment available with IB ?
  5. That was exactly my point ; 20 million per clip ; if IB can't
    offer better liquidity with their supposed liquidity providers
    then it sucks
  6. This is a popular broker but no one reacts ?
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    Steve_IB Interactive Brokers

    If you have genuine interest to trade more than $20m per clip then we should be able to accommodate you. Please pm with your contact details.
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    Not completely correct!
    IB only has maximum Order-sizes, but you can easily enter 6 Orders of $5 Mln each at the SAME TIME, and you will get the $30 Mln that is quoted in the Bid/Ask.

    ButtonTrader does this even automatically for you, so when you have set your quantity on say $9 Mln it will auto-split it the VERY moment you click the buy button (only one click) in 2 Orders of 4 an 5, and I'm very sure they will execute immediately.
  9. Well, that's not unique to IB. I understand many, if not most, forex dealers, offer that capability, as long as your margin is sufficient. For instance, Oanda's published limit is 10M, but nothing stops you from entering more than one (single currency pair) order at that size, at the same price. They'll all execute simultaneously. And you can exit them all at once with a single click, if you want to, or modify all the stops or limits by dragging the mouse.

    Second, without the benefit of a front-end like BT, attempting to simultaneously enter, manage and exit more than one large order per currency pair in IB, whether in one account or across more than one account, is slow, repetitive and cumbersome. To be fair, that's obviously something very few people would care about; if you do, you know what to do (see Steve_IB's post above).
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