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  1. Hate to give them publicity of any sort, but I am really suspicious that all I can find on them is 100% positive. Anyone know the scoop?
  2. Follow your gut feeling, if you are suspicious then stay away.
    I noticed on their website they do not disclose details about previous trades. That´s a danger signal to me.
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    bulltrade sounds a lot like bullsh*ttrade...that is a red flag for me.

  4. I was a member, and being a former user of Schwab Streetsmart Pro, I saw the same claim (100 percent success... nobody has that) coming over the newswires, and did subscribe for a month or two, so I can say, yes, I have experiance with them. A couple of observations:

    1. They are good at advertising, perhaps, better than most. The way their ad keeps popping up is uncanny.

    2. Performance was OK, depending on how you manage your trades. The claim for awhile was 100 percent profitable trades, and I think someone must have called them on that one. I suggest subscribing for a month and look at how they operate. It's certainly not excessively priced. Take a look at how they define success. Subscibe, and you will see how success is defined, in the most factual way, rather than any comments I may make.

    Since they seem to have such command of the news feeds, I assume they probably read everything about them so I'll be nice, and keep it factual.

    Now, I am not saying that it was a regular practice to average down on positions that dropped below their buy point, but they might have. Whether that's a good idea has been debated for awhile. Of course, it depends on where you expect the stock to go.

    They had some good trade ideas, to point you in the direction of stocks that may have potential. My own experiance is that a newsletter must pay for itself in the first month. In my case, it did not, but it may have been because I did not want to hold positions long enough hoping for them to rise back up near their buy price.

    Bottom line...... personally, for me, I've tried many letters and systems, and I'm still looking. To me, what I want is dependable info on where the big money is headed, like hedge funds, institutions, etc. Technical analysis has some benefits, however, I believe the big money rules the market, and if you can find someone with insight as to where that money will most likely be going, you have a beter chance.

    I'm partial to people and analysis that say to get into the energy sector (**opinion**) because while the talking heads on CNBC are pointing you one way, I believe the money is starting to flow out of the investments they are trying to squeeze the last few points out of.