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  1. Usually, changes in stock price and volatility are driven by events. So how do you find out about the events? Most of you probably search free sites to find out whats going on, but most oftentimes you find limited information. Then you see the stock on your scanner or here about it on CNBC hours after the fact, but by then its too late. The stock made its move...

    I just subscribed to the 30 day free trial of briefing.com and this is the best subscription service I have ever tried. Briefing will give you a list of events as they happen...upgrades/downgrades, earnings calls, rumors etc. Then its up to you to decipher and trade the events.

    The events will not guarantee price action in any direction, but if you dont have the list of events in the first place then you are basically stuck until the stock comes on your scanner. So lets say they give you 25 events in the morning...there will be probably be half of those that are actually tradeable which narrows down the odds...

    I dont work for Briefing.com and have no affiliation with them. I just thought I might come on here to point out what a great service this is. It cant hurt you to at least try the 30 day free service. Its also only $40 per month which is cheap and this service will save you countless hours of picking through free news sites like Bloomberg for ideas and market commentary.

    I know about theflyonthewall, but I am going with briefing...
  2. My gripe with these people is that they used to have a decent $10 a month service, and now they want $50. F them. Maybe if they priced their service based on the market volatility, I'd take them seriously. Otherwise, the news events aren't creating enough of a pop to justify their $50 for a retail trader like me.
  3. you must be kidding, the bots trade the news .00001 second after the headline prints
  4. The price is like $40 per month which sounds very reasonable to me. They seem to identify all of the worthy news events as they happen and some of the stocks (like ABIO on Friday identified at 8:30am) took off.

    The free trial is definately something to look into and if you dont like it then dont subscribe. I am doing the 30 day free trial now...

  5. Why dont you go through the abbreviated briefing.com service on yahoo.com and ask yourself which news printed gave some time for the trades to take place. I mentioned ABIO and you had a few hours of time before the price topped. Another one was IOC where it just kept going down the whole day.

    Stocks dont all of a sudden stop trading after the news hits...

  6. No.Heat


    If $50 per month is too rich for your pocket perhaps you are not ready for this profession.
  7. Good advice here.

    lol exactly. This is one EASY way to put money in your pockets. As always my opinion though.
  8. I don't understand this rationale that we have to spend all this money just to achieve results.

    A guy using a ticker tape on a broken tv making calls to a broker on a payphone is just as capable of making money as anyone else.
  9. good luck to ya

    been watching briefing since before you placed your first 100 share trade.
  10. briefing, fly, street account, the days are numbered for all of these services, there is already an injunction against fly for utilizing banks' research in real time.
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