WWJD--what would jesus drive ?? a poll

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  1. with the current emphasis on the god thing, i think it be reasonable to ask __what would jesus drive ?? i think he would drive a harley or a VW bus/van. what do you think ??

  2. A black Suburban so he can fit all of the apostles.
  3. MrDinky


    Why's it gotta be black, huh? Some kind of racist comment? :D

  4. Babak


    He was a rebel. Gotta go with the hog.
  5. sunnie


    A horse, of course! (or donkey or mule)....:D
  6. stu


    God drove Adam & Eve out of the Garden of Eden in a Fury


    so I guess JC would use his daddy's car
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  8. somewhere in the bible it states " the apostles were in one accord" so that settles it--jesus would drive a honda.


  9. A hearse.

    Or the Batmobile.

    Or an ambulance.

    Or the Munster's car.

    Actually, he would take the bus, or the subway......he was interested in the ways of the common man.
  10. the only transport he ever owned as far as I know was a donkey ( an "ass" actually ) and people made fun of him for it, they said "haha, look at your "king of the jews" he has to ride around on an ass! can't even afford a horse or a camel ! He didn't give a rats ass about image. So, definitely wouldn't ride around on a $12,000 motorcyle and never a new car. There is a good chance he wouldn't even go for internal combusion. My guess is he would use a bicycle or maybe an electric vehicle if somebody gave him one for free, certainly he couldn't afford one.

    So my main guess is a bicycle. He would attract more attention that way, riding across the country on a bike. He would probably make CNN.
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