WWJD: Divest From Fossil Fuels, That’s What!

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  1. If Jesus was alive today he very well might be joining churches, universities, and cities in a burgeoning movement to shed investments in companies such as Exxon Mobil and Peabody Coal.

    The fast-growing fossil-fuel divestment movement began with Bill McKibben’s “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” essay in Rolling Stone in July 2012, in which he outlined the moral power of a social movement to force change. The best known example was the anti-apartheid movement of the 1980s, which began on college campuses and ended up toppling the government of South Africa. Nelson Mandela, the face of that movement, has endorsed fossil-fuel divestment.

    “If we don’t act on climate change now, every sermon we’ll give in ten to 15 years will be on grief,” James Antal, Minister and President, Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ, tells TakePart. He was arrested with Bill McKibben in August 2011 protesting the Keystone XL pipeline.

    After reading McKibben’s Rolling Stone piece, he prayed about it and decided to craft a resolution that would be a model for other denominations. The resolution calling for the United Church of Christ to divest passed the denomination’s synod, or general assembly, with 76 percent approval, last week.

    The United Church Fund, which is the investing arm for all churches within the denomination, already screens for tobacco, gambling, military, and alcohol-related stocks. Now it has a fifth item to screen—fossil fuels. And Antal wouldn’t be surprised to see other denominations follow the UCC.


    Heather Moyer, a UCC member, was happy to see her environmental activism and Christian beliefs come together at the synod.

    She tells TakePart: “If we believe that wrecking God’s creation to be wrong, then profiting from it is equally wrong.”

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    No, I think he would be telling fools like yourself not to support people who are out to steal money from others based on a scam.

    You are such an ignorant, dumb, brotherfucker, futurecunt.
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    UCC: global warming and the lbgt agenda.

    That's about all you need to know about them.
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    Here are a few of the comments on Yahoo about this article. Not cherry picked. just the first few...and it goes on from there.

    People aren't fooled by this AGW scam anymore.

    JBer 21 hours ago
    really? how do you know what jesus would do? maybe he would like cars.

    Nick 21 hours ago
    At least now we can vote down stupid propaganda stories like this, not just posters.

    sparky 21 hours ago
    Even Jesus used oil lamps.

    Charley Baltimore 17 hours ago
    This is one of the most ridiculous articles I've read on Yahoo, and that's saying a lot.

    Boudin 7 hours ago
    Jesus would have an opinion about drilling for oil and mining for coal? So he's going to stop wasting his time with soul saving. Idiocy.

    Smooth Criminal 21 hours ago
    Oh Please - stop with the fear-mongering. People now know all your prior scare tactics were lies.

    Rip 7 hours ago
    Another totally asinine article from the global warming jihadists.

    Rob 20 hours ago
    Would Jesus lie to the people about AGW in an attempt to grab money and power?

    Earl 7 hours ago
    I can't believe you quoted the president of the United States on global warming! He has the biggest carbon footprint of all the presidents in history. He just want's yours smaller so his group has more to use and is cheaper since your not competing for the carbon assets. So if you can figure a way that these churches and their members will quit using fossil fuels what good does it make to not invest in them? The only people that are true to this issue are probably the Amish and people too poor like the people in Africa that the president told can't have cheap power because it would make the rest of the world too hot (or did he mean to hot politically for him in Washington). But as far as what Jesus would do, I think he could perform a miracle. I believe he all ready has by giving us the knowledge of cheap energy.

    Central Scrutinizer 21 hours ago
    No he wouldn't. I laugh everytime they try and figure out what someone would do from the past.
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    Great damn day in the morning.
  7. These anti-Christ lefties turn to God when all else fails.

    Jesus would tell the lefties to quit lying about global warming and remind them that they have dominion over the fish in the water and oil beneath the ground.
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    "...and the heat my God the heat..."

    - Elaine Marie Benes
  9. If God didn't want us to have oil, he wouldn't have put it in the ground.
  10. Fact is the CO2 levels in the atmosphere have gone up 40% in the last 150 years due to man. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. How could that NOT cause warming? It's a very simple concept ........that the fossil fuel industry wants to keep us confused about. Virtually all the world's climate scientists and literally all it's science organizations are in agreement. The science is settled. The deniers just look ignorant and foolish at this point.
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