WWE Wrestlers should Storm the White House

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  1. Many WWE Wrestlers are 7 Feet Tall and they weigh more than 150 Kg. Wrestlers are massive and strong men. Why don't 1000 or 2000 WWE Wrestlers form a group/gang and collectively storm the White House or Capitol Hill (whatever).

    Who in the world will dare face or stop more than 1000 angry massive men? Forget police.

    If Strong people keep quiet, everybody will suffer in Hell forever. I always think what is the benefit/use of being 7 Feet Tall and 150 kg if you cannot fight in real life. WWE wrestling matches are fake and the result is decided in advance. Who will win. There is a big differnce between fighting in real life and fighting fake matches.

    I had the email address of Kane (WWE wrestler) but I lost it otherwise I would have written to Kane. If anybody can speak to Wrestlers please forward my message to them.
  2. Bearice statements and writings can bring down anything and anybody in this world.

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    Bearice is a provocateur. He brings out the worst and best instincts in people. The threads are usually interesting until there is a barrage of posts attacking him personally.

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    Bearice is special. Bearice will become president but world people do not understand. 7 Billion people do not understand world evolution and Bearice supremacy.

    Why is Bearice banned and cannot post in other sections of elitetrader, especially economics section?
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    How old are you?
  4. Age in not important. Strength, power and intelligence/brains is more important. A 30 year old man is more stronger and intelligent than 60 year old man. I mean Bearice is 34 years old but Barack Obama is 50 years old. Obama's knowledge is 0% as compared to Bearice's 200% knowledge.

    A 15 year old Lion weighs 300 Kg and stands 8 feet tall and the lion rules the forest/jungle at the age of 15 years. The same applies to Bears. Is there any human being who weighs 300 kg and 8 feet at the age of 15 years. Forget any human being ruling the world at the age of 15 years.

    Big and dangerous Dogs respect Bearice for some reason. There is a big wild dog in my forest. I feed him chicken and the dog comes running from 50 to 100 meters away. But when I try to touch him he runs away. He behaves like a puppy in front of him. When this dog fights other dogs he is terrifying. He can tear apart any human being but he is a friendly dog and does not attack humans. Sometimes he looks like an approaching monster and I get scared of him.

    I am confident, no dog in the world respects Obama. If 200 secret service agents do not protect Obama then dogs can do anything they want.

    Bearice walks alone. Nobody protects Bearice. Bearice walks alone in forests without any weapons. Anybody can kill Bearice. But Bearice is 100% supported by God (what can I do).

    God is angry with Barack Obama. What can I do.
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    No, it's not. But maturity is. And sanity.

    What's the name of your god?
  6. What color is the sky in your world?
  7. I swear by the open skies I will ...............
  8. I mean 100,000 and more strong men (wrestlers, marital arts, farmers) should storm the White house. Some of the WWE wrestlers are the strongest men in the world so they should lead.

    I am not saying that wrestlers should beat anybody. Massive strong men should just storm the White house to show their true power as a final warning.
  9. A society based on size and physical strength? Like caveman societies! Ooh that would be fun! For a week.
  10. WWE wrestlers are highly intelligent people. Kane was actively involved in "End the Fed" campaign. Ron Paul and Kane are good friends.
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