WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit Dead

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  1. It was reported yesterday on www.wwe.com, that WWE's famous wrestler, Chris Benoit was found dead in his suburban Atlanta home. His wife and 7 year old son were also found dead. It is rumored that Benoit killed both of them and then killed himself.

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  2. Very tragic.
    Chris was never one of my faves, but he did give 110% in the ring.
    May all of their souls rest in peace.
  3. I don't think he was anyone's favorite because he wasn't really charismatic or entertaining. Nonetheless he had been in the business for over 15 years and that's what makes it depressing.
  4. Why would the WWE do a televised TV tribute of several hours to a man that possibly killed his wife and young son???

    Poor taste in my opinion because it seems like they are trying to profit from this tragedy.

    Hopefully they won't pay any more tributes until the investigation has completed.

  5. good riddance, another steroid junky dead.
  6. hellrider how can you talk like that?
    yeah he was on steroids as is everyone other wrestler alive. so will u be happy when all of them die as well?
  7. cweb


    that is seriously disturbing. firstly, the fact that he is dead. secondly, the fact that people like hellrider are happy about it. if people were happy that he was dead because he apparently killed his wife and kid, then its fine, but being happy cause he was on steroids is stupid..
  8. man


    in line with the rest of this "sport" ...
  9. man


    cannot trust my eyes. someone really seemd to have
    written this sentence. it is still there. amazing.
  10. whats stupid about it?
    I guess what he's trying to say is don't be happy that a steroid junky died. If anything, be happy that a child murdered has..
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