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  1. my take on north korea testing nuclear technology is this is one of the catalysts for the beginning of WW3. not a nuclear war, but economic, financial, with military buildups and naval blockades to protect and control shipping traffic (i.e. oil), resulting in massive shifts in capital out of the united states treasuries, the collapse of the usd, and a catastrophic rise in oil to over $200 a barrel within the year. all it would take is a military reaction on obama's part, or israel first striking iran.

    boom, $200, 300, 400, 500...a barrel oil.

    anyone else care to comment?

    more to the point, i'm wondering, what would you do to position yourself today in the event any part of this occurs, or builds up to occur in the future?

    other than buying more ammo, that is.

    is it unreasonable to assume it could not happen?

    i doubt hillary would disagree, this is a clear and present danger and it's freaking me the fuck out.

  2. Why would responsibility fall on the USA? Its silly, we have issues of our own,,better use of funds would be take care of USA. California owes govt pension funds 200 bil,,,illinois owes 80 bil,,bring our people from around the world home. Lets start working on our issues since most nations round the world could care less, just my 2 cents lol