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  1. Just a poll- i know this board is predominantly amercian- so I am asking american fellow traders- which country would u like on your side in case of world war 3?
  2. Depends on who the enemy is.
  3. This neither 'Wall St News' nor a 'poll'.
  4. well to be honest- i would like the british- they have a good air force and nuchlear submarines- well armed- based on joint ours and british technology
  5. bespoke


  6. The resource war (WW3) is already well under way.
    Why do you think the fuckin Ruskies planted a flag under the North Pole laying claim on 460 million sq miles?
    Why is the US sending a cutter up to the Arctic to find out who REALLY gets what part of the continental shelf...
    Why are we laying claim to half of the Middle East?
    Who blasts into Afghanistan after being attacked and immediately starts building pipelines?

    Oye Chico!!!
  7. british do too-after all we are speaking english why is this?The British are stauch alies to us- and we are to them-protect free liberty etc
  8. Texas
  9. last I heard " texans" spoke spanish- not english